Ethics Policy

January 31, 2013

Dear Safety Solutions Employees and Subcontractors:

At Safety Solutions, Inc. we endeavor to provide you with a safe, productive and rewarding work experience. We value your thoughts and feedback and want to ensure you have appropriate mechanisms through which to share them.

We have engaged Ethical Advocate, an organization that specializes in advocating ethical culture and behavior in the workplace, to work with us in developing systems and communications to achieve integrity, ethical behavior, openness, and the ability to quickly react to suggestions, feedback, and unethical behavior in our workplace.

Ethical Advocate provides anonymous and confidential incident reporting through their fully secure, encrypted web site reporting pages. We know it can be difficult to report something that needs addressing, whether it is about a situation or a person. Employees at Safety Solutions, Inc. need to feel secure that their concerns will be seen or heard; something will be done about it; and if they choose, their anonymity and confidentiality be maintained.

We would like to ensure that if you have thoughts or feedback or if you have seen or experienced something unethical or inappropriate at Safety Solutions, Inc., you have a way to report it anonymously and confidentially.

Prior to submitting a report to Ethical Advocate you should make the best effort possible to resolve a particular issue through Safety Solutions, Inc. administrative process and/or supervisory management.

If, however, you believe it is best to submit your thoughts or to report an incident through our new mechanism, you will remain anonymous, if you select that option. Your comments, suggestions, and valuable feedback will have a direct result to the success of our organization.

Directions regarding how to use Ethical Advocate’s incident reporting will be distributed to you shortly.


Tracey Reimer
President and CEO
Safety Solutions Inc.