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Our goal is to customize our training program to fit your delivery model.We have organized our training programs into specific levels of expertise that will assist you in the selection of the proper program.
  • Awareness - Awareness-level training courses teach people general skills. Awareness is the key to preventative
    management - catching potential problems before they start.
  • Operations - This next level of training combines planning and implementing with a well-trained team. Additional training in incident management, specific skills and effective decision-making is necessary for this level.
  • Technician - These courses are designed for the serious rescue technician. Most offerings include intense, hand-on fieldwork, which is required to learn the technical skills required to effectively deal with a variety of emergency situations.
  • Specialty - These targeted courses are for specific problems. Our specialty courses have been designed to teach important skills, from law enforcement and firefighters to situations in corporate settings.


FEMA/SUSAR Training Trench Rescue Vehicle and Machinery
Water Rescue Confined Space Domestic Terrorism
Hazardous Materials Helicopter Operations Rope Rescue
Structural Collapse Specialty Firefighting Other Specialty Courses
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FEMA/SUSAR - Technical Info/Planning Team Training
Our Price: $495.00

Date: November 7-10, 2011 Location: RIT
Upon completion of this course,you will be able to interact
positively in performing the Planning Team Manager (PTM) and
Technical Information Specialist (TIS) functions.